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Senate square


I hope this message finds you well. Karin and I were talking about you last night, as I was working at the computer putting our photo album together of our recent trip on the Emerald Princess that included our wonderful two days in St. Petersburg with you as our guide. We are enjoying reliving the trip as we go through the photos, and work on our on line photo album.

I am trying to accurately reflect all that we saw, and I need a quick bit of help from you. The attached photo was taken in St. Petersburg, but try as I might, I cannot remember what this building is. I think we took this photo out near where we boarded the boat for our river tour on the Neva. This is the only photo I took that I can’t remember, so I guess all in all, you did a great job guiding us, and my memory is at about 98% !!!

We are enjoying our summer here, we hope you are too. Soon we will travel again, this time to Chicago to visit our son. Seems like we are always on the go.

I am relatively new to ice hockey, I just started skating for the first time in my life 18 months ago, at age 55 !!!

I've been playing games for about 15 months now, and yes, I have had the thrill of scoring a goal in a game (Actually I have scored a total of 6 so far). My 24 year old daughter got the puck I scored my first ever goal with from the referee and had it framed for me as a keepsake. I enjoy the playing of games, practicing with my teammates, and even just free skating, I wish I had done this sooner. I also like the friendships that I have developed. Here are another couple of photos my friend took of me recently.

Stay happy and healthy!


Well, I should say it's a real motivation to continue my work as St Petersburg guide. The city is so beautiful that I can only draw the attention in the right direction!

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