St Petersburg tours: Top mistakes of independent travels.

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

I wish your St-Petersburg trip would be wonderful and hope this article will help with planning. Usually when I prepare for the next journey I check the list of things to take and information about museums. I believe you are experienced travellers but can image how it's difficult to figure out what you may miss in case of the Russian voyage. Have a look of this list before you are ready to go.

Queue to the Hermitage museum

You forget to check out the list of State holidays. The service sector of St-Petersburg surprises many foreign tourists. Shops are opened till 10 PM, grocery stores are working 24 hours. Even public transportation works strenuously on state holidays as well as all big museums except of January 1st. What should you worry about? Be ready to wait in queue if you wake up late. And even it's off season check the days on the school holidays.

You forget about days off of main museums. Certainly there could be an exception but let me help. Closed: Hermitage museum - on Monday, Peterhof only the palace - on Monday plus the last Tuesday of the month, Catherine's palace - on Tuesday plus the last Monday of the month, Russian museum - on Tuesday, churches-museums like Spilled Blood, Peter and Paul, St Isaac's - on Wednesday, Faberge museum - on Friday, Pavlovsk - on Friday plus the first Monday of the month.

You didn't pre-book a visit of the popular sight. That can cause really long waiting, sometimes about two-three hours! I advice to book the tickets on-line to the next places: Hermitage museum -, Catherine palace -, Peterhof -

You didn't book a visa free tour of St-Petersburg on time. Believe me I got many inquiries about private tour when my future guest started their cruise. Several times I heard from clients that they are planning to find people to join during the cruise. Normally the confirmation of the visa free visit takes a week at least.

You didn't check the expire date of your passport. All is good if your document is valid for 6 or more months from the date of entry. If not - hurry up, we don't want you miss St-Petersburg!

You fall in love with the city and forget about pickpockets. You see a picturesque spot and then it happens! Keep an eye on your belongings in every overcrowded place and your wallet/ camera/ passport will stay with you. Honestly all my tourists get this instruction first of all.

You thought that summer is warm! No way, does 50*F sound good enough for the middle of June? When it rains, windy and humidity is 85-95% it would be better to have extra layers, wind proof jacket and umbrella. Plus don't forget shorts, caps and sandals if sun shows up it's about 87*F here. The last tips are comfortable shoes for long distances inside museums and scarf for ladies to enter the functioning Ortodox church.

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