St-Petersburg tours: Staraya (Old) Ladoga

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Little Russian village

Old Ladoga is located 130 km East of St. Petersburg. The oldest known buildings are the production and ship-repair workshops at the Earthen settlement. It is erected of logs felled before 753 and constructed probably by bohunks from Northern Europe. Excavations indicate that the first settlement in Ladoga was founded and initially populated presumably by Slavs.

In 862 Ladoga's residents invited Variag Rurik as a ruler to protect their land from the attacks while Vikings came here in the beginning of the ninth century. Hence, there emerged a version that Ladoga was the first capital of Russia. The city was an important point on the trade route «from Varangians to Greeks». During excavations in Old Ladoga in the layers of the X century was discovered bark scroll with painting of a rook.

Dormition of the Virgin Cathedral

All major sights are to the left of the road leading to Volkhov town. According to the chronicle of Novgorod, in Ladoga in one of burial mounds is located the tomb of Oleg. He was the successor of Rurik. Further is located the Dormition convent with Dormition of the Virgin Cathedral built in the twelfth century. In 1718 to this convent was transferred from Suzdal the first wife of Peter I - Evdokia Lopukhina.

The church of John Chrysostom

The same ancient temple is located on the territory of the Ladoga fortress. Ancient Ladoga fortress was founded in 1116 and still is the center of today's Old Ladoga. During the history of the Novgorodian Rus the fortress was strategically important place, because it was the only possible haven where they could stop the vessels if its not able to swim the rapids of the Volkhov river. Cathedral of St. George is still preserved and contains pre-Mongolian frescoes painted in 1167.

Cathedral of St George

To the South of the fortress there is St. Nicholas monastery and St. Nicholas Cathedral of the seventeenth century, the Church of John Chrysostom by the architect Gornostaev. He also was the architect of many buildings on Valaam island.

Fortress Ladoga

In 1142 Swedes attacked Ladoga. After the Russo-Swedish war in 1590-1595 by Tyavzinski piece trity Ladoga identified as belonging to Russia and by Stolbovski piece trity which ended the Russian-Swedish war in 1613-1617. So Sweden returned Ladoga to Russia. In 1704 Peter I founded at the mouth of the Volkhov river New Ladoga and renamed the Ladoga in the «Old Ladoga». Ladoga lost the status of the city and its own emblem, townspeople transfered their residences to New Ladoga.

In 2003 Old Ladoga selebrated 1250 anniversary as the ancient capital of Northern Russia! We highly recommend you to visit the Old Ladoga. You can order this tour just ask us how!

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