Do you think Red October is the name of the candy factory or the travel Agency?

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Red star, crossed hammer and sickle

Do you remember "The Hunt for Red October" with Sean Connery?  Most Americans associate the name "Red October" with a Thriller which is the story of a Soviet submarine with the same name.  In fact, the phrase Red Octoberis synonymous to October revolution occurred on turn of October 25th to 26th. Until February 1918 Russia used the Julian calendar. The idea to initiate  the change to the Gregorian calendar was inspired by Bolsheviks. By the way, Russian Orthodox Church did't accept the changes thus the whole Western world celebrates Christmas on December 25th.

In Russia this holiday is celebrated on January 7th.

Is that right Santa Claus greets Russian children after all the others?! 

From 1918 to the present date Russian Revolution is celebrated on November 7th, new style. But sustained expression "Red October" have survived from the pre-revolutionary period (old style).

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Actually during the Civil war Bolsheviks began to call themselves Reds on purpose. Red color as a symbol of the revolution. So Lenin and his allies were the fighters against

the monarchy and followers of the French revolutionaries. In 1792 the red flag was raised in Paris as a symbol of the people's blood spilled there. 

The red flag became the national symbol of the new coutry in April 1918. 

Still across the country, there are many places with the name "Red October". This title are used for confectionery factories, villages and industrial plans.

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