In addition to St Petersburg sightseeing: folklore and food

What to do in the evening after you completed St Petersburg tours? I want to see a traditional Cossack dance, where should I go? Where can I enjoy traditional Russian dinner and folklore?

The folk show at Nicholaevsky Palace

​One of the tours in St-Petersburg is the folkrore "Feel yourself Russian". Classical quartet is playing lovely melodies of the XVIIIth century, two stunning ladies in crinolines and a handsome gentleman in a wig (ballet trio "Reverence") are welcoming guests at the Gala stairs of the Palace. How nice to be a guest of the Grand Duke! Here you can enjoy traditional singing, be surprised by the physical training of the dancers and enjoy the beauty of the costumes. Among all St Petersburg tours we offer you to book tickets throug us, same price.

Another great folklore is called "Bagatitsa". The Ensemble consists of an orchestra, a dancing choir and a singing ballet. Each part is a scene from the real life of the Cossacks, told in a song or shown in a dance. Epics and thoughts, love and passion, valor, festivities-all this is shown in a modern, understandable to any viewer performance. Incendiary, sparkling Cossack songs and dances literally blow up any audience with their irrepressible and high artistry, leading to delight. This can be a great gift for yourself among all St Petersburg Russia tours. Book here.

To enjoy classical music, you just need to take part in the "Russian Music Seasons" evening. There are about 200 palaces in St. Petersburg and many are not accessible to visitors. In the Palace of Grand Duke Vladimir has preserved an authentic atmosphere, you will be able to see this during a short tour of the Palace. A glass of champagne, music by Russian composers and a cocktail dress code will turn the visit into a special event. We offer you the same price as the official site, it's one of our St Petersburg tours.

Every Sunday at 19:00 Stroganov steak house restaurant opens its doors to foreign guests of the city to present a rich folklore program that can immerse the guest in the culture and life of the Russian people.

Russian Russian folk music (Bayan and balalaika) and songs, as well as Russian folk dances will be performed in a separate hall, decorated in a traditional style. Russian Russian cuisine and, of course, the great Russian soul will be discussed by the English-speaking host throughout the evening.

For the event, there are three options for the set menu, the price of which already includes entertainment. In case the guest wants to make an order only for dishes from the a La carte menu, an additional payment of the program in the amount of 1 500 rubles is required.

Also, in the hall will be located caviar bar, abounding in a wide range of caviar. The delicacy can be ordered both to your table and to buy with you.

Reservation is required and check the agenda in advance!

In "Katyusha" sing Soviet songs, romances and Russian musical folklore, which charge guests with good mood and pleasant memories. Young ladies-waitresses of restaurant not only will feed richly and tasty, but also will make the company in a musical pause, moreover and in national dances will spin – everything as befits the Russian hospitable soul! No environment is complete in "Katyusha" without everyone's favorite song of the same name, and guests always support the musical mood and sing along to the musicians. The soul sings? So let it chant, even on a working day! Katyusha restaurant is waiting for all lovers of Russian songs every Wednesday. The evening of live music starts at 20:00. Better to call and book the table can be busy during the summer season.

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