Fascinating Tour to Peterhof

​Dear Irina, thank you very much for looking after us in St Petersburg! We enjoyed your excursions in Petergoff and on the St Petersburg canals. Your tremendous knowledge of the events, emperors and empresses and St Petersburg sites is very impressive. I only wish we had you on our first day in St Petersburg, that would have made our stay in the city even more memorable. St Petersburg is an amazing city, with history on its every street and it seemed to me that you knew it all. Thank you once again,

Lisa Simonov

Our reply: That's how happy you can be after St Petersburg sightseeing with Irina. Choose one of the most exciting St Petersburg private tours - Peterhof tour. You may do a basic schedule including Lower fountain garden and Grand palace OR have more insightful look icluding Grottoes, where you can see the engineering part of the fountain system, Monplaisir, where the personality of Peter the Great will be revealed in full, the Bath complex will tell more stories of everyday life, and in the Hermitage pavilion you can see the amazing working mechanism - a table that rises and falls through the floors.


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