E visa to St Petersburg Russia - what is better to remember

Updated: Mar 7

Now getting Russian visa to have St. Petersburg tours is much easier, or? E-visa appeared in October 2019, most recently. This means that it is better to read the official information very carefully before receiving it.

Until October 2019 those who wished to visit Russia had only the opportunity to make a visa through the Consulate of the Russian Federation. And this is always a complicated process, because in the application form you had to specify a lot of personal information, and also know exactly where you have been for the last 10 years. You also need an invitation and skills to find an Embassy. I've heard so many stories from my tourists who have done this way themselves. For example, the Consulate in Washington moved from the previous address, of course, no one answered calls and emails. John found a new address on the Internet, and when he arrived there, he was able to identify the front door only by a small portrait of Vladimir Putin.

Of course, it is still possible to visit St. Petersburg visa-free booking St Petersburg shore excursions, but then you have to come by ship, and you will have only two days on the average.

It is very important to know that E-visa is free so follow the official web-site to proceed. You firstly will read E-visa characteristics of and conditions for issuing an e-visa. Some very important things I copied:

1. E-visa is valid only for three regions of the Russian Federation: the Far-Eastern Federal District, or Kaliningrad Oblast, or Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.

2. Be careful: Any incorrect information, including passport data and photo, could cause revocation of an already issued visa at the national border checkpoint of the Russian Federation.

3. You can move and cross the border to enter and exit only in the selected region for which the visa was issued.

4. And finally: Notification of e-visa grant does not guarantee your entry into the Russian Federation.

Of course, if you are an American, you can just forget this article, e-visa is available only to residents of 53 countries, unfortunately USA is not in the list. If you are thinking of getting an e-visa St Petersburg, be very careful about your route - you will not be allowed on a plane that flies through Moscow, you can not plan your visit outside of the selected region, be careful to fill out the form.

If you need help with invitation letter for Russian visa - write me, we will support you for free. I also will be happy to be your private guide in St Petersburg. All questions about St Petersburg private tours are welcome!

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