Beef Stroganoff, borsch and three more dishes that you should try in St. Petersburg

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff is a popular dish of Russian cuisine, made from finely sliced beef, drenched

in hot sauce. It appeared not earlier than 90-ies of the XIX century. It received the name

in honour of count Alexander Stroganov (1795-1891). He arranged in Odessa

"open buffet". It was a free lunch for educated and decently dressed people.

Beef Stroganoff prepared according to the standard, easily divided into portions and

was delicious therefore appropriate for such purposes. Not long time ago the restoration of Stroganov Palace in St. Petersburg was finished and I highly recommend you to include its visit into one of St Petersburg tours.

In our city the count continued the tradition of the "open buffet". The building itself is unique because it was built during several months in 1754. The interiors of the Palace were designed by different architects in different times and among them was Francesco Rastrelli who built the Hermitage.

Cosy restaurant Stroganoff Steak House is ideal for tasting. The restaurant is located in the historical centre of the city in the former barracks of cavalry regiment. In the interiors were used pictures of pre-revolutionary Russia, and the items found here during the restoration.

Dish costs 990 rubles.

4, Konnogvardeysky Boulevard, St. Petersburg, Phone: + 7 (812) 314 5514

Fried smelt

Fried smelt. The most popular among the Neva's fish is smelt. That little fish has the smell of cucumber and is considered one of the brands of the Northern capital. In the early spring months it rises from the Gulf of Finland for spawning up along the Neva river. One of the best restaurants where this dish is tasty prepared is "Korushka" (it means smelt). Here it is served with different sauces and even smoked. This dish you can taste all year round. The restaurant is right on the territory of the Peter and Paul fortress so beautiful views and the city's main attractions at your fingertips. It is nice chance to unite St Petersburg guided tour and delicious lunch break.

Dish costs 470-580 rubles.

3, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg, Phone: +7 (812) 917 90 10

Borsch soup

Borsch is a meat soup with red beet and cabbage. This dish is traditional in Ukraine and in Russia. Seasonaly in summer you can enjoy a cold borscht. I recommend to try hot borsch with sour cream. It is really delicious! This dish can be served in the Stolle cafe or in Stroganoff Steak House. By the way, the Stolle cafe chain is very suitable for lunch. It serves dumplings, Russian soups and Russian pies!

Among all St Petersburg private tours there is one you should pick if you wish to cook borsch yourself - look at "Culinary class" with my mom in law.

Dish costs 180-250 rubles.

1/6, Konyushenny lane, St. Petersburg, 11, Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg, 33, Dekabristov street, St. Petersburg

Meat Pie

Russian pies. A distinctive feature of Russian pies is the filling. Pies can be salty and sweet. Among salty or nourishing pies are popular with white and red fish,

onion, potato, chicken, rabbit etcetera. Among sweet pies I recommend to try with cottage cheese, apple, lemon, cranberry etcetera. In Stolle they bake one of the most delicious pies!

For one of St Petersburg tours I offer have a picknic, guess where I buy our pie?

Dish costs 80-240 rubles.

It depends on how many pieces are you going to taste!

Pancakes are called blini

Pancakes in Russia as fast food in Europe you can find it every there. We eat pancakes with different fillings. Traditional pancakes are with caviar (on special occasion), smoked salmon, sour cream, fried potato onion and mushrooms, blackberry, raspberry. In the city centre you can eat pancakes in the cafe Teremok. Don't forget to share with your St Petersburg guide ;-)

Dish costs 120-180 rubles.

11, Bolshaya Morskaya street, St. Petersburg

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