Culinary class

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! As you know we have something special down here. This year we present a culinary class. Do you want to learn how to cook traditional borsch? What else would you like to cook: dumplings, pies, pickles or pancakes. We will cook with local experts in Russian cuisine.

Culinary class

Evdokia, 72, was born in Ukraine. She changed many professions in her life and worked as a cook. Of course proved recipes are passed down from generation to generation. In the era of the Internet to find a recipe of any dish is not difficult. But agree that to cook something yourself under the guidance of a professional is more interesting?

Culinary class

Ilya, 34, was born in Vorkuta. It is the fourth largest city in the Arctic circle and the most eastern city in Europe. People in the North surely know a lot about a great hot soup. Ilya graduated from culinary College and now cooking is his hobby. He is happy to share his secrets.

We will try to inspire you to culinary feats. Love to the food is our motto. I would like (Irina says) the informal communication and a friendly atmosphere help you better understand the local traditions and lifestyle. We will reveal all the secrets and life hacks of local cuisine. You would be able to repeat this at home. And of course no one will go home hungry ;-)

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