Can I visit St Petersburg without a visa?

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

If your dream is to go to Russia I would recommend you how to do it easier. Any foreign tourist has rites to stay in Russia without visa for less than 72 hours. There are several strict conditions: arrive on a cruise ship, get a permission to get of the boat, have a valid within next 6 months passport.

Baltic cruise

Certainly one of the nicest ways is to go on a cruise ship. What can be better than travel between several countries with your Hotel. No necessity to pack and unpack! Baltic cruise is a unique opportunity to see not only St-Petersburg but several wonderful ports like Copenhagen, Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm. Different cruise lines have not only differences in their routes as well the number of days in St-Petersburg Russia changes. One day is not enough, imagine you will arrive when the main museum of the country Hermitage is closed? It is convenient to spend 2 days in St-Petersburg. Certainly if you have 3 days you can cover all "must see" attractions of St-Petersburg with no rush. So in this case you need to book one of St Petersburg tours and get visa free voucher which is also called tourist voucher. You would be restricted by the time of your private or group tour is St-Petersburg. You have no rites to stay in the city on your own and need to spend night on the boat.

By the way many cruise companies demand to buy a tour from them. The reason is - ONLY they can support you with visa free tour. That is not right, any tour agency in St-Petersburg or private guide in St Petersburg will provide you with the visa free voucher. It is one paper with the sign of the company, with your name and hours of the tour on it.

St Petersburg at night

What if you want to spend white nights in the city? Take St-Petersburg cruise line (now it's bought by Italian company and called Moby cruises). The boarding port is in Helsinki and you only need to fly there. You book cruise trip back and forth to St-Petersburg and book the Hotel. The get off the ship in St-Petersburg you need to buy the cheapest group transfer to the city centre. And then you are free .. for almost 72 hours.

Certainly you still can book private guide in St Petersburg. As for Hotel again you would be restricted by several partners of the cruise line. Unfortunately you need to be ready for the long immigration queue.

At the end if you want to visit Moscow within your short visit it is possible. If it's a 3 day shore tour in St-Petersburg the second day is the best. You take the Sapsan train back and forth and book a tour in our capital. So you are not obligatory have to be only in St-Petersburg.

Muse tours would be happy to organize one of St-Petersburg tours. Look our "TOURS" page.

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