Only for locals or your true experience: Art scene and bars at Golitsyn Loft

Right at the city centre on Fontanka river 20 we find a new countercultural space. This new cluster is a cooperation of talented designers, restaurateurs, hipsters. They all develop new type of business - bring life to abandoned places.

I come here when I am looking for a new bar or just to hang out with my friends. Sometimes I show this place for my tourists as it true local experience.

Bar on Fontanka 20

Golitsyn Loft occupies a former mansion which was built in 18th century. Duke Golitsyn after whom Loft got the name was from the rich nobility family. Among his interests were alchemy and he was a member of Masonic lodge. The waste of money gave him kind of pleasure. For example, sometimes he threw gold coins from the balcony of this palace just to see a crowd in front of the doors! Here comes the story about the love triangle. Count Razumovsky fell in love with Maria Grigorievna Golitsyna. Her husband Duke Golitsyn was also a gambler and once playing with Razumovsky he lost alsmost everything. Razumovsky offered a deal instead of money take Maria Grigorievna. And Golitsyn agreed this condition. And even Chuch let Maria Golitsyna divorced the high society still were blaming her. Attitude to Golitsyna changed only after the Emperor Alexander the First himself invited to dance Maria Grigorievna at the ball and then called her Countess according to the title of her new husband.

Ziferburg on Fontanka 20

Georgian "Kazbegi" serve a variety of khinkali which is almost a dumping but bigger , usually with beef or lamb filling. As well I recommend you to try khachapuri. This is a tortilla with cheese. At Gastronomic bar "Kora Duba" you can have Italian lunch as guys are specialists in pizza. Tsyferburg is the perfect place to have a chat as it anti-cafe. What means you pay per hours not per the food. By the way what they can suggest as nice addition for your team - unlimited cookies, cups of tea or coffee, lemonade and so on.

Finally one advice the modest door can be a key to a very good location. See young nicely dressed people on the street - have a better look, it could be interesting!

Tsyferburg on Fontanka 20

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