8 Movies about Russia - what to watch?

Updated: Jan 21

What will help you prepare for Moscow and St. Petersburg tours, and to understand a little more about country and its citizens?

Gorky Park, 1983

What is surprising in the film is the incredible effort with which Moscow is portrayed in the early 80's. Cars, signs, inscriptions, streets-very similar. Not without errors, of course - it was filmed in Helsinki, not Moscow. And dialogues - the Soviet people so clumsily did not talk to each other, but here it is necessary to blame the primary source. I read a book by Martin Cruz-Smith. I liked the idea of showing the Soviet reality from the inside. Of course USSR died but still causes questions.

Doctor Zhivago, 2002

This is a film about love, about Russia, about the Russian intelligentsia. Human shadows flicker, leaving only the vague outlines of a separate human destiny, inextricably linked to the revolution, war, deprivation... a Cold story in memory of many tourists.

Onegin, 1998

Do you skate on canals? Unfortunately, no, this year the Neva is not even frozen and there is no snow at all. This film is based on a poem by Alexander Pushkin, whose poems we learn at school. For Russians, Pushkin is the equivalent of Shakespeare for English speakers. Some shooting took place in St. Petersburg.

The story of the difficult relationship between the dandy Eugene Onegin and the provincial family of Lariny. Tatiana Larina suddenly falls in love with a cold and callous soul Onegin, who, of course, rejects her feelings. Only in a few years love will come to life in his heart. But it will be too late…

007: Golden Eye, 1995

An alternative option for moving around St. Petersburg is a tank. "Golden eye" tells about the echoes of the "Cold war", resulting in the corruption of the military of one of the countries (Russia) and their (military) desire to cash in on the latest developments of the defense industry of their state.

Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, 1994

Russian ballet. Russian vodka and borscht. And the Russian mafia. You will see the first McDonald's in Russia, of course the Kremlin.

War & Peace, 2016

This mini-series was filmed in St. Petersburg and Moscow. You have a chance to prepare in advance to the luxury of what you can visit.

The action of the series develops in Russia of the XIX century, covering the period from 1805 to 1812. The plot is based on Leo Tolstoy's novel "War and peace", the main attention is focused on the fate of Pierre Bezukhov, Andrei Bolkonsky and Natasha Rostova.

Russian Ark, 2002.

2000 actors. 300 years of Russian history. 33 halls of the Hermitage. 3 live bands. Only 1 take on the set. Two travelers go through time through 300 years of Russian history, works of art, the cultural monuments return them to the times of the Russian Empire. It is like one of the possible tours in St Petersburg on-line, sounds as a good preparation?!

Catherine the Great, 2019

This is a story about the Romanovs, about the turbulent 18th century, about intrigues and why Catherine the Second is called the Great. There are historical films in which, despite inaccuracies and assumptions, the spirit of the time itself is felt very well and, as it seems to me, this is the cause of such a movie. Believe me your St Petersburg guide will be amazed at your knowledge.

And even if you haven't booked any of the St Petersburg guided tours, what you see in these films will help you feel the spirit of the city, understand locals and not miss important sights.

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